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Autopsy 4.11.0 Released


The new version of Autopsy has been released.

New Features:

Adding Data:

  • Hashes can optionally be entered when adding a disk image data source to a case.
  • Acquisition details can be stored when the data source is added.

Ingest Modules:

  • Added support for Microsoft Edge browser (cookies, history, and bookmarks)
  • Added support for Safari web browser (downloads, cookies, history, and bookmarks)
  • Expanded Chrome browser support to include cache parsing and form/auto fill.
  • Expanded Firefox browser support to extract form/auto fill fields.
  • Parse Zone.Identifier files to identify the source of files.
  • Added a TSK_SOURCE artifact to downloaded files to help users trace back to where it came from.
  • Added support for parsing vCards (virtual cards).
  • Extract more information about Windows user accounts (number of logins, creation date, and last login)
  • Detect more operating system types, which get saved as a TSK_OS_INFO artifact.
  • Detect Android media cards, which gets saved as a TSK_DATA_SOURCE_USAGE artifact.


  • The Application content viewer now displays HTML files.
  • Video playback now uses gstreamer on 64-bit systems, which supports more video formats.
  • Pictures can be rotated and zoomed in the Application content viewer.
  • The Other Occurrences content viewer layout was reorganized to make viewing the data easier.
  • New “Data Source Summary” panel shows high-level statistics and details about the data sources in the case.
  • Data sources are now listed in the data sources tree in alphabetical order.
  • The presentation of finding common properties within a case was revised to group results in a more helpful way.

Report / Export:

  • Portable Cases can be created based on tagged data. These cases contain a subset of the case data and can be opened anywhere.
  • Users can now choose tabs or commas as the delimiter for a files report.
  • Case notes are included in the HTML report.


  • Added a new file type that allows module writers to specify a file based on its byte range.
  • Data sources can be analyzed and have a CASE/UCO report generated using only the command line.

Bug Fixes

  • Decreased the time required to execute inter-case common properties searches of the Central Repository.
  • Assorted small bug fixes are included.

The installer can be downloaded here.

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