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Dear Blue Team: Proactive Steps to Supercharge your IR


In an age where data breaches and malware infections are quickly becoming the norm, we must prepare for Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). In doing so, there are many things that System Administrator, Enterprise Defenders, and Security Operations Centers can do proactively to not only enhance the security of an organization, but also assist the DFIR personnel in performing their duties in a more expeditious manner.

The content provided in this presentation goes beyond the age-old advice of verbose logging and asset inventories. It will promote a cooperative relationship between DFIR and the rest of the Blue Team. We will kick this presentation off with a discussion about Threat Hunting versus Forensics. During this presentation, blue teamers and management will be armed with actionable advice as to how to pre-emptively capture artifacts as baselines BEFORE anything ever happens and the actions to take WHEN something happens.

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