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The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy 4.6.0 have been released


The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy 4.6.0 are available for downloading. Here are the lists of new features:

The Sleuth Kit

  • New Communications related Java classes and database tables
  • Java build updates for Autopsy Linux build
  • Blackboard artifacts are now Content objects in Java and part of tsk_objects table in database
  • Increased cache sizes
  • Lots of bounds checking fixes from Google’s fuzzing tests
  • HFS fix from uckelman-sf


  • A new Message content viewer was added to make it easier to view email message contents.
  • A new Communications interface was added to make it easier to find messages and relationships
  • New Encryption Detection module that will flag possibly encrypted files
  • Can more easily run Autopsy from a USB drive and leave few traces on target system
  • Tag definitions now have a “notable” property. The Central Repository uses this to mark files as notable
  • Large slack files are now file typed
  • The maximum number of Solr connections and ingest threads have increased
  • Periodic keyword search will dynamically change based on how long queries are taking
  • Users can change the amount of memory allocated to the application
  • The amount of memory required for processing keyword hits has been reduced
  • Layout of HTML reports has been modified make it easier to open
  • “Databases” was added to File Type by Extension view
  • Users can now enter more information about cases including examiner, organization, etc
  • New dialog to open multi-user cases that allows for searching
  • Auto ingest metrics are collected and displayed in dashboard
  • Auto ingest module that extracts disk images from archive files
  • Keyword search has been made more responsive to both search and ingest job cancellation
  • Number of log files to keep before rollover is now configurable
  • Preliminary changes to make Linux and OS X builds easier
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