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Mac OS X Forensics


Market share of the Apple computers are continuously increasing day by day and Apple provides an OS X as a default operating system in their computers. The time has already arrived when digital forensic examiner needs sound and efficient digital forensic techniques for Mac OS X to collect evidences related cybercrime. The information source for artifacts may be application such as Apple Mail, iMesseges, FaceTime or third party application such as third party browsers (chrome, firefox), office applications (Microsoft office), Team Viewer and Skype. Among these mentioned sources, browser contains the very potential information. In the research paper, potential artifacts are collected for Safari browser using digital forensics of plist files, browsing history, recovery of deleted history, bookmarks, downloads, last session, top sites and user notification. The outcome of this research will serve to be a significant resource for law enforcement, computer forensic investigators, and the digital forensics research community.



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