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Bitscout: Remote Forensics Meta Tool


Bitscout allows anyone who is running Ubuntu OS to build own LiveCD/LiveUSB image to be used for remote digital forensics (or other tasks of your own choice).

Bitscout relies on 3 roles in the process of remote forensics:

1. The Owner.

The owner is a user who has physical access to the target system and owns it. The owner’s role is to download, verify and burn Live ISO image file to a removable storage. After that the target system must be started from this bootable media. In case of LAN DHCP network configuration everything shall work automatically. In case of other setup, the owner has to configure network access using management utility that is available on the Live system (starts automatically on the TTY1 on boot).

2. The Expert.

The expert is a remote user that connects to the target system over SSH using VPN link through the expert’s server. Bitscout shall be built with VPN server certificates, configuration and SSH keys placed on the disk image.

3. Expert’s Server.

The expert’s server shall be located in the internet and is used to run a VPN server as well as chat server for communication.

Learn more about the project at Vitaly Kamluk’s GitHub.

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