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Investigating the Cyber Breach has been released


“Investigating the Cyber Breach: The Digital Forensics Guide for the Network Engineer” by Joseph Muniz and‎ Aamir Lakhani has been released. Reading the book you will:

·         Understand the realities of cybercrime and today’s attacks

·         Build a digital forensics lab to test tools and methods, and gain expertise

·         Take the right actions as soon as you discover a breach

·         Determine the full scope of an investigation and the role you’ll play

·         Properly collect, document, and preserve evidence and data

·         Collect and analyze data from PCs, Macs, IoT devices, and other endpoints

·         Use packet logs, NetFlow, and scanning to build timelines, understand network activity, and collect evidence

·         Analyze iOS and Android devices, and understand encryption-related obstacles to investigation

·         Investigate and trace email, and identify fraud or abuse

·         Use social media to investigate individuals or online identities

·         Gather, extract, and analyze breach data with Cisco tools and techniques

·         Walk through common breaches and responses from start to finish

·         Choose the right tool for each task, and explore alternatives that might also be helpful

The book is available for order here.

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