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Learning Malware Analysis


Packt Publishing has announcedLearning Malware Analysis by Monappa K A. The book is expected to be published in June 2018 and is available for pre-order here.

Malware analysis and memory forensics are powerful analysis and investigation techniques used in reverse engineering, digital forensics and incident response. With adversaries becoming sophisticated and carrying out advanced malware attacks on critical infrastructures, Data centers, private and public organizations; detecting, responding and investigating such intrusions are critical to information security professionals. Malware analysis and memory forensics have become a must have skill for fighting advanced malware, targeted attacks and security breaches.

This book teaches concepts, techniques, and tools to understand the behavior and characteristics of malware by using malware analysis and it also teaches the techniques to investigate and hunt malwares using memory forensics.

This book will introduce readers to the basics of malware analysis, Windows internals and it then gradually progresses deep into more advanced concepts of code analysis & memory forensics. This book uses real world malware samples and infected memory images to help readers gain a better understanding of the subject so that the readers will be equipped with skills required to analyze, investigate and respond to malware related incidents.

What you will learn

  • Create a safe and isolated lab environment for malware analysis
  • Tools, concepts & techniques to perform malware analysis using static, dynamic, code and memory analysis/forensics
  • Extracting the metadata associated with malware
  • Determining malware interaction with system
  • Reverse engineering and debugging using code analysis tools like IDA pro and x64dbg
  • Reverse engineering various malware functionalities
  • Reverse engineering & decoding the common encoding/encryption algorithms.
  • Techniques to investigate & hunt malware using memory forensics.
  • Build a custom sandbox to automate malware analysis
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