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Amateur Digital Archeology


“‘Digital Archeology’ is actually the name of a Digital Forensics text book. But what if we used forensics techniques targetting cyber crime investigations to help address the void in Archeology that addresses digital media and silicon artifacts. At NYC Resistor in Brooklyn we’ve gotten into the world of Digital Archeology on several occasions and the projects have been enjoyable and educational.

Now, imagine what could happen if a bunch of hackers are able to get their hands on a laptop pulled off of a space shuttle.

Then come to our talk and find out what ACTUALLY happened. I bought a laptop at auction that claimed to be off a Shuttle Mission. It turns out to have been mostly authentic. This will be a little foray into the history of this device and what I could find out about it, and how I did that.

Spoiler Alert: We found out a lot.

Bonus: I may have found the sister laptop of this laptop (serial numbers match)”

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