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IoT Evidence Acquisition – Issues and Challenges


As the world is moving to Internet of Things, the attackers too. Increasing use of IoT devices in various segments has been instrumental in attracting attackers for possible use of this latest and less controlled technology in committing crimes. Though, academia, industry and research fraternity is busy in strengthening security of IoT components, they are still not able to keep pace with offenders. As it is not possible to completely eliminate crimes, there is always need of forensics, and IoT is also not an exception. Time is not far when the crimes will be IoT centric and will need to be investigated forensically. This paper is an attempt to identify issues and challenges involved in Evidence Acquisition of IoT components from a crime scene. The outcome of the work done can be essentially helpful to forensic investigators in understanding and overcoming these issues in overcoming crucial evidences from and IoT crime scene.

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