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Are We Ready for Open Source Digital Forensics?


The art and science of reconstructing a chain of events on digital systems – has for a long time been dominated by commercial software packages – EnCase, FTK, X-Ways and so on. With a small number of exceptions, when you are taught the subject, you’ll start on a Windows workstation. The argument historically had been that as you are likely to be examining a Windows device (market prevalence of Windows in office and home environments ) familiarity with and the compatibility of the Windows based tool chain was the most logical way forward. Well, times have changed. It may or may not be the year of the Linux Desktop (again!), but ChromeOS, Android, MacOS X (now macOS) and BSD based devices (PS4) are turning up more and more often in real world cases. There are more strong tools available, more libraries to support tool development and a great justification in court for the transparency of methods used to obtain evidence. Is now the time to make the switch to Open Source?

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