Email is one of the primary sources of numerous criminal activities, on the Internet, of which some threaten human lives. Email analysis is challenging due to not only various fields that can be forged by hackers or the wide range email applications in use, but also due to imposed law restrictions in the analysis of email body. Despite this being a relatively new area, a number of both open source and proprietary forensic tools, with varying possibilities and versatility, have been developed aiding use by practitioners. In this paper, we review existing email forensic tools for email header analysis, as part of email investigation, with emphasis on aspects related to online crime while still considering legal constraints. Through our analysis, we investigate a common case of cybercrime and examine the breadth of information one may gain solely through email forensics analysis. Additionally, a roadmap for email forensic analysis is presented, combining features and functionality already available, to assist the process of digital forensic analysis.

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